By Steven Levitt & Stephan Dubner


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A Rogue Economist Explores The Hidden Side Of Everything

I don’t know if I will ever look at swimming pools or drug dealers the same anymore.

Levitt and Dubner make economics entertaining. This book is nothing like what you may have remembered (or more likely repressed) from Econ 201 back in college. And if you’ve not already been introduced to the world of Behavioral Economics, this book is a great place to start. While its admittedly more entertainment than practicable knowledge, Freakonomics will tease your mind into looking at everything with a bit less acceptance at its face value – which can be a great asset when applied to managing your business or serving your target market. For contrarians, this book is an automatic winner. All others beware! Freakonomics just might make a convert out of you.

BONUS: If podcasts are more your speed, you’re in luck! The Freakonomics Radio podcast has been a long-running and REALLY well-produced show full of entertainment and insight steeped thoroughly in analytics.

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