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Nitinol is a shape-memory metal with amazing properties. While it may not be a "free energy" solution, its superelasticity is quite useful.

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Cosmic Ray Interference

Cosmic rays are what we commonly call the bits of atoms that are blasted across the cosmos at darn near the speed of light. The vast majority of these are nuclei of hydrogen or helium atoms, so they’re positively charged, relatively massive, and highly energetic when traveling at that speed.

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Creativity | Unfiltered: Moonwalking with Einstein

In Moonwalking with Einstein, Joshua Foer talks about his personal feats with memorization while covering a national memory competition event as a journalist – then goes on to win the competition himself the next year by using the techniques he learned. He shares the techniques in detail and dispels doubt and rumor in this entertaining book.

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Creativity | Unfiltered: Fooled by Randomness

In book one of a four part series, author Nassim Tabel breaks down the things of chance in our lives and how our minds deal with it. If you're someone who frets over decisions and needs to decode every outcome, this book offers a different perspective and argues the idea of picking a direction and acting quickly.

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Wax Motors

Wax motors are little devices that utilize the unique properties of wax to push and pull things when its temperature changes. If you’re like most people, you’ve benefitted from wax motors – likely even have a few of them at home – and don’t even know they’re around.

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Creativity | Unfiltered: How to Fly a Horse

Kevin Ashton walks through the history of sequential innovation resulting in some of the familiar world-changing technologies we rely on every day in modern society. It’s not that there is nothing new and inventors should not be credited with their work, but rather the realization that new inventions depend on old inventions. New discoveries have foundations in earlier discoveries.

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Roll Forming Process

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The Roll Forming process consists of long strips or coils of flat metal are fed into one end of a roll forming line where it passes through a series of rolling dies and comes out the end in a totally new shape.

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The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

This book is written as a work of fiction about a new CEO coming on board a technology company and struggling with the interactions within her team of executives. These are relatable struggles most of us will have experienced in one context or another. In the book, Pat breaks down the five dysfunctions and lessons in overcoming them.

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