Albandy door entrance system
"We’ve worked with CDN for a number of years on projects ranging from minor drawing maintenance, to industrial design presentations, to complete innovative new product launches that we’ve then scaled to global production. CDN consistently provides the right pool of talent for our needs and efficiently engages in the work without letting unnecessary delays compromise our valuable time to market. We pride ourselves on our own German engineering high performance door product development group, but when we saw the need to respond to evolving customer demands in our domestic industrial rubber door market, we knew we needed a local team to execute properly. CDN reviewed our customers’ applications and our manufacturing environments first-hand then responded by providing a great design that fit both like a glove. Our new Albany RR1000 door has been the most successful new product launched in the history of our North American organization. We know to look to CDN again for high performance design help to get high performance outcomes like that in the future."
Photo of Rob Miller
Rob Miller
Product Manager, High Performance Door Solutions
Specialty Enterprises millennium boom
“Specialty Enterprises has a long, successful history as a fabrication and welding job shop for industries in agriculture, aerospace, defense and construction. When we saw an opportunity to develop our own product line, we knew it was beyond the capacity of our staff and we would need outside engineering help. Through a reference from a vendor, we found CDN. Not only did the CDN team have the skills to deliver a completely engineered design for our new spray booms, but they did so with a level of creativity and sense of ownership that was way beyond our expectations. The successes we have had due to CDN’s contributions have greatly exceeded any investments we have made in them. Mike, Pete and the rest of the guys are an absolute pleasure to work with and will always be my go-to engineering and prototyping source.”
Photo of Greg Klemp Jr.
Greg Klemp Jr
President, Specialty Enterprises
San Jamar products.
“When our plates are full, I’m lucky to have Robert and the CDN guys available to pitch in when and where needed. They are experienced, competitively priced, and have earned my trust. On a recent project the CDN team was able to facilitate our brainstorming needs, provide concept sketches, execute CAD models & renderings, provide SLA prototypes and deliver tool-ready geometry all within a condensed timeframe. They’re a great partner, fun to work with and I sincerely appreciate their commitment to the success of our business.”
Product development services utilized by San Jamar
Mike Young
Senior Engineering Manager, San Jamar
"CDN has been with us since we started development of the Turf Brush in 2009, and provides the engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, quality control, warehousing, packaging and shipping services for our product, as well as keeping tabs on any warranty and service issues, and producing our brochures and manuals. We have thoroughly enjoyed the friendly, yet very professional relationship that the entire staff at CDN has maintained with us over the years. CDN has undoubtedly been a major influence on the continued success of our company!
Product development services utilized by SGM
Jeff Scott
SGM Industries, LLC