Contract Manufacturing

Production Parts and Assemblies

CDN can further assist your team’s efforts by offering contract manufacturing, low volume manufacturing, and assembly in our facility located in West Bend, WI. We execute manufacturing and light assembly runs to help our clients bridge the gap between the development process and full scale production. Our related services include product production start up, part fabrication, assembly fixture design and construction, domestic and global sourcing.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

For a few of our clients we also warehouse production products and consumables, offer direct shipping to their customers, and provide service and reconditioning when needed.

Contract manufacturing capabilities at Creative Design Network.


  • Flow Dynamic Head Waterjet, 4’x8′ cutting surface, thickness up to 8″
  • Press Brake, 8-Axis CNC, 126 Ton, 10.5′ wide, and CNC Auto Crowning
  • Onyx Pro 3D Printer
  • Haas CNC Mill & Lathe
  • Metalworking equipment; forming, rolling, turning, cutting
  • Woodworking equipment; cutting, drilling, planing, joining
  • Welding; MIG & TIG
  • Vacuum forming
  • RTV silicone molds / urethane parts
  • Wet-coat painting and powder-coating
  • Network of sources for heat-treating, plating, and other finishing
Optimized dprinter