Since 1999, American Flags Express has been providing customers across the United States with indoor and outdoor flag sets. Throughout the years, the issue with flags furling and tangling in harsh weather has always remained a common issue. The Avenue Flag set was the first of its kind to incorporate a new design that prevents the flag from furling, guaranteed.

Originally created in the early 2000’s, Solo-Step’s main purpose was to find a way for patients to securely perform their rehabilitation exercises without fear of falling or injuring themselves. To allow more freedom of movement along the track, Solo-Step asked CDN to design a switch system.  Adapting to the existing extrusions to expand the use and capabilities of the Solo-Step track, we were able to create a switch that conforms to the same robust design standards to pair with the track perfectly.

Specialty Enterprises is North America’s largest manufacturer of aluminum agricultural spray booms for the OEM, dealer/distributor, and retail markets. Specialty contacted CDN to develop an all-new design that achieves new spray widths, yet was lighter, stronger and easier to assemble than any other aluminum boom on the market. 

A.T. Villa has been a global leader in flexible lab systems for 90 years.  In the 1970s they created their first line of modular lab furniture that changed laboratory design forever.  For their newest, most innovative product lines, A.T. Villa has partnered with CDN’s engineers and designers to meet the demands of today’s high-tech lab environments.

Founded in 1947, Schumacher Electric produces the most reliable chargers in the world.  New, smarter battery systems required new charging technology to properly charge and maintain modern batteries.  When it came time to update a decades-old technology, a new look for the products needed to be included, so Schumacher looked to CDN’s engineering team for help.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is the world’s most comprehensive supplier of entrance automation solutions. With a holistic approach to the flow of people, goods and vehicles, they create solutions with the best possible balance of cost, quality and lifetime performance.

When entrepreneur and avid hunter Andrew Hooyman needed help with a new product idea, he reached out to CDN for help.  Andrew was a frequent hunter who would often bow hunt from a tree stand.  In order to clear the sight lines, it was necessary to carry a bulky pole saw to cut branches and limbs that were more than an arms-reach away from his stand.  Due to the long walk through the woods, this was not an easy task.

In 1987, an entrepreneur turned his passion for architecture into a business and launched his own company which designs, constructs and installs custom carriage-house garage doors for clients across North America. After 20 years he proudly sold the company to its employees with plans to retire, but like most entrepreneurs his personal needs spawned yet another business idea and CDN was called in to support his new vision. 

Quickly responding to customer needs is what has made San Jamar a market leader for over 20 years and when time is of the essence and internal resources are tight, San Jamar’s Mike Young has teamed up with CDN to help define “what’s next” in their competitive industry.

The founders of Dakota came from careers in the golf course maintenance and agricultural equipment industries, and after retirement had discovered a need for a better way to groom and maintain putting greens. Golf course superintendents are among the world’s most detail-oriented groundskeepers, so when it came time to introduce a new grooming method to them, it had to be perfect. Dakota brought their plan to CDN and together we developed the TB220 Turf Brush.

Gamber-Johnson is known around the world for the highest quality vehicle laptop mounts on the market.  When Gamber-Johnson determined it was time to update the vehicle mounting system for the Panasonic Tough Book, they looked to CDN to bring some new ideas to the table.

H2Gen worked with CDN’s engineers and industrial designers to develop the structure and housings for the 6′ x 6′ x 8′ generator module.  The resulting thermoformed housing included modern styling in a product that is durable, weather-tight, and provides easy service access.

An Illinios based P.O.P. company needed help getting their design for the new Xbox 360 kiosk from a sketch to a fully functional product.  The main challenge was that it needed to be completed in a matter of weeks, not months, in time for the release of one of the top-selling game consoles in history.

BBH Kodak has been in the imaging business developing state of the art products for decades.  As more and more companies continue to move closer to paperless functionality, there is a growing need to quickly and accurately scan thousands of documents into digital files.  When the time came to commercialize a new high-speed scanning technology, BBH partnered with CDN’s engineering team to develop an all-new scanner.

The owners of Wilscot, LLC had a vision for a better spray system, and partnered with CDN to make it happen. The new Featherweight Spray Boom is a mix of lightweight structural booms and the latest technology in application control. The Featherweight boom design is a riveted aluminum sheet-metal truss, capable of spraying at the industry standard 18′, or up to 30′ wide with the optional folding sections.

For more than 75 years, LECO Corporation has remained a worldwide leader in the development of top-quality analytical instrumentation, mass spectrometers, metallography and optical equipment. When Leco determined it was time to develop a new line of grinder/polishers for the metallurgical science industry, they reached out to CDN.

The original Restorator housing consisted of a sheet-metal housing, plus multiple injection-molded parts.  CDN took the existing AC powered product and redesigned it to create a 12VDC machine with removable, rechargeable batteries that last up to 18 hours, and a two piece injection-molded housing that eliminated the costly sheet-metal wrap, creating a product that was more durable and much faster to assemble.

Entrepreneur Tom Nordloh owned a landscaping company that would bid on large projects that often included the installation of thousands of yards of erosion control blanket. The standard method of installation was very labor intensive and involved 10’ long, 150lb rolls that were lifted, unrolled, and pinned down manually. With many of the project bids coming within a few cents per yard, Tom knew there had to be a better way, so he came to CDN with an idea and a hand-built prototype.

Founded in 1828, Kuhn first distributed agricultural implements in the U.S. in the 1960’s.  In 2002 Kuhn purchased Knight Manufacturing Company, based in Brodhead, Wisconsin and is now known as Kuhn North America.  To achieve very aggressive growth goals, Kuhn North America teamed with CDN not just for industrial design and engineering, but because the CDN’s model shop could quickly build full-scale, fully functional pre-production prototypes.

As markets get more competitive, Industrial Design is finding it’s way into industries and products where it has never traditionally been. There’s no reason that industrial safety equipment should be left out.

S.U.I.T. after installation

Introducing the first S.U.I.T. (Shopping cart Ultraviolet Integrated Tunnel) machine. Within 30 seconds of using the UVC light exposure, several cars are completely bacteria-free and dry. All completely designed and built in West Bend, WI!


Wellness Environments, a developer of modular hospital rooms, needed an engineering firm to develop several table-movement mechanisms for a mobile over-bed table they were designing.  The goal was to have a base big enough for storage of personal items and an over-bed table that could be quickly moved out of the way for emergency access to the patient.