Brainstorming and Innovation

Although being the first-to-market with a new product seems ideal, it won’t last if the product is unwanted or non-functional.  From blue-sky innovation to continuous product improvement, our outside look at a product challenge will help you develop superior products and increase market share.  We have built a team of creative professionals and refined our brainstorming processes over nearly three decades designing and refining everything from consumer products to large industrial machinery.

Photo of employees brainstorming.

Creating and Developing New Ideas

The most successful products are those that solve a problem or make life easier for the end-user. Unfortunately manufacturing companies often build products that fit their capabilities instead of truly meeting the users needs; this is where outsourcing this step can be a great advantage. The best solutions start with the correct definition of the problem.  We have spent decades refining our brainstorming process of problem definition and idea generation with results that have our clients returning to us year after year.

Design Analysis and Problem Solving

A design analysis brainstorm session could include cost reducing an existing product, updating old technology, or performing a patent design-around.  This is one of those areas where the outside perspective and the diverse experience of our team really pays off for our clients.  Often the best solution to a problem comes from a mechanism, material, or process from a completely unrelated industry.