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Our Story

Creative Design Network, Inc. (CDN) is a product development company located in the heart of the Midwest’s manufacturing belt, specializing in industrial design, engineering, prototyping, and contract manufacturing. For over 30 years, Creative Design Network, Inc. (CDN) has been playing a vital role in supporting the plans of engineering teams engaged in the development of consumer, commercial and healthcare products.

Our talented team of designers, engineers, and model builders is very passionate about product design and they bring a mix of creativity, experience and art to every product they develop.  We work very closely with our customers on a personal level and share the same goals for the success of their products.

We take our work very seriously, but in a casual, fun environment that results in a culture of innovation and creative ideas.

Creative Design Network van, midwest product development

Our Services


The most successful products are those that solve a problem or make life easier for the end-user. The best solutions start with the correct definition of the problem.

Industrial Design

Product design ultimately takes the desires of end-users and transforms them into a component or finished product that will creatively address all aspects of their needs.


Our engineers have the training and experience to help you tackle the most challenging engineering problems without taking our collective eyes off the ROI ball.


Prototyping is an essential part of the product development process. CDN’s product development team has the added advantage of being able to create your prototypes in-house using CDN’s advanced prototyping and manufacturing capabilities.

Contract Manufacturing

CDN can further assist your team's efforts by offering low volume manufacturing and assembly in our facility. We execute manufacturing and light assembly runs to help our clients bridge the gap between the development process and full scale production.

Featured Projects

TB220 Turf Brush


The founders of SGM Industries came from careers in the golf course maintenance and agricultural equipment industries, and after retirement had discovered a need for a better way to groom and maintain putting greens. Golf course superintendents are among the world’s most detail-oriented groundskeepers, so when it came time to introduce a new grooming method to them, it had to be perfect. SGM brought their plan to CDN and together we developed the TB220 Turf Brush.

Photo of Solo-Step track switch


Originally created in the early 2000’s, Solo-Step’s main purpose was to find a way for patients to securely perform their rehabilitation exercises without fear of falling or injuring themselves. To allow more freedom of movement along the track, Solo-Step asked CDN to design a switch system.  Adapting to the existing extrusions to expand the use and capabilities of the Solo-Step track, we were able to create a switch that conforms to the same robust design standards to pair with the track perfectly.

Client Reviews

Kent Forsland

“I quickly realized the enclosure design would present numerous engineering challenges – many of which I could not solve on my own. I didn’t have an engineering team – or much experience with large aluminum extrusions. I knew the engineering support I needed would be at its highest during initial development. I considered creating my own team, but wondered how I would keep them busy after the design was done? So, after crunching the numbers, I realized it made the most sense to outsource the initial engineering required to experts while I set up the manufacturing team. CDN was chosen on the recommendation from a local aluminum extrusion supplier I had worked with. CDN provided research, design, engineering, prototyping and testing support. They are experts at what they do and I highly recommend them every chance I get.”​

Kent Forsland

Founder & CEO, Cabrio Structures

Photo of Greg Klemp Jr.

“Specialty Enterprises has a long, successful history as a fabrication and welding job shop for industries in agriculture, aerospace, defense and construction. When we saw an opportunity to develop our own product line, we knew it was beyond the capacity of our staff and we would need outside engineering help. Through a reference from a vendor, we found CDN. Not only did the CDN team have the skills to deliver a completely engineered design for our new spray booms, but they did so with a level of creativity and sense of ownership that was way beyond our expectations. The successes we have had due to CDN’s contributions have greatly exceeded any investments we have made in them. Mike, Pete and the rest of the guys are an absolute pleasure to work with and will always be my go-to engineering and prototyping source.”

Greg Klemp Jr

President, Specialty Enterprises

Mike Young

“When our plates are full, I’m lucky to have Robert and the CDN guys available to pitch in when and where needed. They are experienced, competitively priced, and have earned my trust. On a recent project the CDN team was able to facilitate our brainstorming needs, provide concept sketches, execute CAD models & renderings, provide SLA prototypes and deliver tool-ready geometry all within a condensed timeframe. They’re a great partner, fun to work with and I sincerely appreciate their commitment to the success of our business.”

Mike Young

Senior Engineer Manager, San Jamar