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Over 30 Years of Refining our Processes

Product Development and Design Services

Creative Design Network, Inc. is a product development and design firm located in the heart of the Midwest’s manufacturing belt. Our product development services include research, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, and contract and low volume manufacturing all at one facility, enabling us to react quickly and work seamlessly to meet the unique needs of our clients’ high priority projects.

Brainstorming is a product development and design service CDN offers


We have built a think tank of creative professionals and refined our brainstorming processes over nearly three decades designing and refining everything from consumer products to large industrial machinery.

Industrial Design is a product development and design service CDN offers

Industrial Design

Product design ultimately takes the desires of end-users and transforms them into a component or finished product that will creatively address all aspects of their needs while producing a positive return on the investment (ROI).

Engineering is a product development and design service CDN offers


Our engineers do not just design products; they have hands-on experience fabricating prototypes and production products in our shop, resulting in a mindset focused on manufacturability.

Prototyping is a product development and design service CDN offers


Our team is capable of producing models ranging from detailed visual models through fully functional engineering prototypes; from a single component for validation to low-volume production assemblies.

Contract Manufacturing is a product development and design service CDN offers

Contract Manufacturing

We execute component manufacturing and product assembly runs for low-volume products, or to bridge the gap between the development process and full scale production

What Sets Us Apart

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Flexible Design Services

Not only do we offer a wide range of product development and design services that most design firms don’t typically offer, but we can also pick up at any point in your project’s timeline.  Whether you need only one of our product development services, or all of them, we are flexible to best suit our clients unique project needs.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

All within the same facility as our product development and design services, we also offer short run production and low-volume manufacturing. This allows you to get your product to market faster with the added advantage of eliminating high volume tooling production costs.

Rapid Turnaround Times

In the hot seat with a fast approaching deadline? From visual models for your next trade show event, to custom machined or additive manufactured parts, our clients turn to us when they need results delivered quickly, without sacrificing the overall quality of their project.

Team Effort

Your project isn’t just another project to us. We take the time to understand your goals and to become mutually invested and passionate in the success of it. Our client relationships are very important to us, which is why our clients continue to return to us year after year.

Designers, Engineers & Model Builders

Who We Are

For over 30 years, Creative Design Network, Inc. (CDN) has been playing a vital role in supporting the plans of engineering teams engaged in the product development and design of consumer, agricultural, commercial, and healthcare products.

Our talented team of designers, engineers, and model builders is very passionate about the product design and development process, and bring a mix of creativity, experience, and art to every product they develop.  We work very closely with our customers on a personal level and share the same goals for the success of their products.

We take our work very seriously, but in a casual, fun environment that results in a culture of innovation and creative ideas.

Team of engineers brainstorming during product development and design process

Featured Projects


Fall Protection System

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Fall Protection System

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SGM Industries

TB220 Turf Brush

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SGM Industries

TB220 Turf Brush

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Featherweight Spray Boom

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Featherweight Spray Boom

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Fermi Observatory

Since its launch on June 11th, 2008, NASA’s experiments using the Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope have discovered pulsars, proved that supernova remnants can accelerate particles to near the speed of light, monitored eruptions of black holes in distant galaxies, and found giant bubbles linked to the central black hole in our own galaxy.

CDN was proudly entrusted to finalize and manufacture the iridium-coated aluminum micrometeoroid shields and gamma ray burst sensor mounting frames for this highly sensitive equipment along with a vacuum test chamber for prelaunch validation. Already 10 years in service, the Fermi Observatory continues to make tremendous new discoveries!

Product development and design project

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