Industrial Design

What will your product landscape look like in 3-5 years? How will your company and your products stay competitive and be profitable in that landscape? At CDN, we help our customers answer these questions in a forward thinking manner so they are in a position to define “what’s next” vs. reacting to what’s next.

Concept Generation and Refinement

Our product design capabilities are focused on turning conceptual ideas into physical objects through the combination of art, science, and technology. Product design ultimately takes the desires of end-users and transforms them into a component or finished product that will creatively address all aspects of their needs while producing a positive return on the investment (ROI).

Optimized industrialdesigncapabilities

Product Design and Development

Our product design expertise covers concept to production and everything in between. Our capabilities include brainstorming, research, concept development, industrial design & visual brand language development, sketching, computer rendering, product engineering, rapid prototyping, usability testing, packaging design.