Featherweight Spray Boom

Expanding Our Turf.

The turf care industry has been changing rapidly over the last several years. For golf course spraying equipment there are environmental and economic needs for more precise application of chemicals, and a reduction in application time. The industry standard booms are 18′ wide steel weldments and require a constant ground speed for even application, yet still result in overlapping spray patterns which can waste chemicals and damage the turf.

The owners of Wilscot, LLC had a vision for a better spray system, and partnered with CDN to make it happen. The new Featherweight Spray Boom is a mix of lightweight structural booms and the latest technology in application control. The Featherweight boom design is a riveted aluminum sheet-metal truss, capable of spraying at the industry standard 18′, or up to 30′ wide with the optional folding sections. The pump is decoupled from the vehicle allowing constant pressure at any speed, and along with a GPS driven individual nozzle control, there is even application with no overlap, no wasted material, and no drifting.

Wilscot Spray Boom