Restorator DUO

A Fresh Approach to Odor Control.

Since 1979 Vapotek has been providing unmatched odor control for everything from locker rooms to disaster restoration using a proprietary blend of essential oils to neutralize all organic odors.  One of their more popular products was the Restorator, a portable machine designed to deliver fast, high-intensity treatment for up to 20,000 cubic feet of space.  Vaportek listened to their customers and determined that there was a need for a battery operated product for use in the disaster recovery industry, where there is often no power available during flood and fire restorations.

Vaportek Restorator sketch.

The Restorator DUO.

The original Restorator housing consisted of a sheet-metal housing, plus multiple injection-molded parts.  CDN took the existing AC powered product and redesigned it to create a 12VDC machine with removable, rechargeable batteries that last up to 18 hours, and a two piece injection-molded housing that eliminated the costly sheet-metal wrap, creating a product that was more durable and much faster to assemble.  Following the design, CDN provided fully functional trade show prototypes and production assembly fixtures..

Vaportek restorator.