Value Analysis and Value Engineering Workshop

Quality issue today without a fix today?

Product unnecessarily complex?

Unmet customer needs?

Waste in your production process?

Held hostage by a supplier?

Profit Margin too low?

What if you could make meaningful and sustainable improvement in ALL of these areas in just one day?

Value Analysis and Value Engineering Workshop

1 Day Event

$3,000 for 1-day professionally facilitated event. Your organization will learn this technique and retain the resources necessary to repeat this independently afterward. $1,500 credit toward CDN design services included with completed product summit.

*Individual consultation with CDN, Inc. required for qualification of following: Commitment to provision of facility, participation of key personnel, sample product(s) and other event resources required. Must agree to provide references or testimonial if satisfied (proprietary information will be protected). Selected product or product element(s) must support scope of 1-day process. Credit for design services with CDN is non-transferrable and has no cash value. Must be used within 12 months of Product Summit date.

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