Specialty Enterprises

Aluminum Booms

Going to New Lengths

Specialty Enterprises aluminum boom extended out.
Specialty Enterprises aluminum boom.

Specialty Enterprises is North America’s largest manufacturer of aluminum agricultural spray booms for the OEM, dealer/distributor, and retail markets.  For years Specialty enjoyed great success with their original Legacy model spray boom which is still sold today for nearly every spray-vehicle manufacturer in the U.S.  To keep their sales momentum going, Specialty contacted CDN to develop an all-new design that achieves new spray widths, yet was lighter, stronger and easier to assemble than any other aluminum boom on the market.

The New Millennium Spray Boom

The completely new Millennium aluminum boom design resulted in several patented features.  It incorporates a fully extruded and machined top cap which eliminates the majority of welds on the main tension surface of the boom, thereby improving durability by reducing the likelihood of fatigue cracking.  The hinges and boom lift points are bolted on to avoid stresses at heat affected zones created with aluminum welding.  The new hinge and folding cylinder are now located within the frame of the boom to protect them from collisions with obstacles.  The lower structure is wider and modular to allow nearly unlimited spray-head options.  The new design offers a much more durable and much cleaner looking boom, and is available up to 132 feet wide.

“Specialty Enterprises has a long, successful history as a fabrication and welding job shop for industries in agriculture, aerospace, defense and construction. When we saw an opportunity to develop our own product line, we knew it was beyond the capacity of our staff and we would need outside engineering help. Through a reference from a vendor, we found CDN.  Not only did the CDN team have the skills to deliver a completely engineered design for our new spray booms, but they did so with a level of creativity and sense of ownership that was way beyond our expectations.  The successes we have had due to CDN’s contributions have greatly exceeded any investments we have made in them.  Mike, Pete and the rest of the guys are an absolute pleasure to work with and will always be my go-to engineering and prototyping source.”
Photo of Greg Klemp Jr.
Greg Klemp, Jr
President, Specialty Enterprises