Our Services

Our experienced team of engineers, designers and model builders excel in taking on a wide range of tasks to ensure your products are brought to market on time and on budget so that you can focus on your core business.  We are a full service product development firm.  

We support our client’s goals with brainstorming, industrial design, engineering, prototypes, and production assembly services.  We excel at creative problem solving and brainstorming new ideas.   We provide an outside view of your design problem using our experiences designing products for nearly every industry. Our services are scalable to meet your needs; we can provide turn-key product development services, or any stage in the process where you would need us.

We are not just another product development firm.  Because the founding core of our company is engineering, and we fabricate production parts and finished products in our shop, every product we design is done with manufacturability and cost at the forefront, without sacrificing styling or functionality.

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The most successful products are those that solve a problem or make life easier for the end-user.  The best solutions start with the correct definition of the problem.   

Product design ultimately takes the desires of end-users and transforms them into a component or finished product that will creatively address all aspects of their needs.

Our product design capabilities are focused on turning conceptual ideas into physical objects through the combination of art, science, and technology.

Prototyping is an essential part of the product development process. CDN’s product development team has the added advantage of being able to create your prototypes in-house using CDN’s advanced prototyping and manufacturing capabilities.

CDN can further assist your team’s efforts by offering low volume manufacturing and assembly in our facility located in West Bend, WI. We execute manufacturing and light assembly runs to help our clients bridge the gap between the development process and full scale production.


  • Flow Dynamic Head Waterjet, 4’x8′ cutting surface, thickness up to 8″
  • Press Brake, 8-Axis CNC, 126 Ton, 10.5′ wide, and CNC Auto Crowning
  • Onyx Pro 3D Printer
  • Haas CNC Mill & Lathe
  • Metalworking equipment; forming, rolling, turning, cutting
  • Woodworking equipment; cutting, drilling, planing, joining
  • Welding; MIG & TIG
  • Vacuum forming
  • RTV silicone molds / urethane parts
  • Wet-coat painting and powder-coating
  • Network of sources for heat-treating, plating, and other finishing
Optimized dprinter