San Jamar

Consumer Products

Listen, Observe and Create.

At San Jamar, innovative new ideas for food safety tools, disposables dispensing, hand safety, bar/food management and food service apparel come directly from insights they gain from their customers. That’s why they work alongside their customers in every facet of their operations. Listening to their challenges, potential problems; always looking for the small changes that could make big improvements in safety and efficiency.  Success however is all about what is done with that information. Quickly responding to customer needs is what has made San Jamar a market leader for over 20 years and when time is of the essence and internal resources are tight, San Jamar’s Mike Young has teamed up with CDN to help define “what’s next” in their competitive industry.

San Jamar products.
“When our plates are full, I’m lucky to have Robert and the CDN guys available to pitch in when and where needed. They are experienced, competitively priced, and have earned my trust. On a recent project the CDN team was able to facilitate our brainstorming needs, provide concept sketches, execute CAD models & renderings, provide SLA prototypes and deliver tool-ready geometry all within a condensed timeframe. They’re a great partner, fun to work with and I sincerely appreciate their commitment to the success of our business.”
Product development services utilized by San Jamar
Mike Young
Senior Engineer Manager, San Jamar