Robert Fuller

Photo of Robert Fuller

Robert Fuller is a Brainstorm Specialist and Problem Solving Guru who specializes in coordinating all the things that need to happen to bring your next product to market.

Robert has been helping people tackle their toughest engineering challenges for over 25 years in a wide variety of markets, applications and product categories. He started his career with a degree from UW-Madison in Mechanical Engineering and ran the Engineering Department for BAMP in Fond du Lac, WI before starting at CDN.

He enjoys spending time outdoors and is passionate about his family. In sharing that his favorite tool is a hammer, Robert says, “Things always need hitting, and you have 3 of the 6 basic simple machines with you in one tool.” When Robert’s not solving challenges for CDN’s diverse range of clients, he can be found at the cabin with his family or rooting for another Green Bay Packer victory.