Microsoft Xbox


Gamers can't wait.

An Illinios based P.O.P. company needed help getting their design for the new Xbox 360 kiosk from a sketch to a fully functional product.  The main challenge was that it needed to be completed in a matter of weeks, not months, in time for the release of one of the top-selling game consoles in history. Additionally, there were several configurations, including floor standing, countertop, and wall mount versions.

The Result:

CDN took the sketch concept and quickly developed all of the components, including a cast aluminum base, dozens of large injection-molded parts, structural steel framework, and a game controller mounting system that was flexible and kid-proof. The parts were designed in a modular format so they could easily be assembled into multiple configurations.  Our model shop then fabricated several fully-functional prototypes for testing and approval by Microsoft.  CDN further worked with several global tooling and assembly sources, resulting in tens-of-thousands of kiosks being delivered to retailers throughout the world in time for the release of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft Xbox Controller.