GPX Grinder/Polishers

Delivering the Right Results.

For more than 75 years, LECO Corporation has remained a worldwide leader in the development of top-quality analytical instrumentation, mass spectrometers, metallography and optical equipment. When Leco determined it was time to develop a new line of grinder/polishers for the metallurgical science industry, they reached out to CDN.  Due to the low volume of this line of products, the industry standard polisher tables were generally powered by belt-driven frame-mounted motors, with plastic or sheet-metal housing covering them.  This made it very difficult to eliminate all vibrations, which in turn produced less than perfect samples.

The New GPX Series Grinder/Polishers:

In addition to all new styling, CDN developed a direct-drive gear-motor attached directly to a one-piece cast-aluminum housing, which eliminated all detectable vibration, plus an industry first windows-based touch screen user interface.  CDN worked closely with Leco’s manufacturing team to simplify the assembly and greatly reduce manufacturing time and cost.  A fully-functional machined aluminum prototype was built by CDN and tested by Leco prior to production release.

GPX Series Grinder/Polisher