Extendable Tree Saw

Out on a limb.

When entrepreneur and avid hunter Andrew Hooyman needed help with a new product idea, he reached out to CDN for help.  Andrew was a frequent hunter who would often bow hunt from a tree stand.  In order to clear the sight lines, it was necessary to carry a bulky pole saw to cut branches and limbs that were more than an arms-reach away from his stand.  Due to the long walk through the woods, this was not an easy task.

CDN started with an idea and turned it into top-selling hunting accessory.  The Hooyman Extendible Tree Saw features rigid telescopic aluminum extrusions that lock opened and closed, a folding and detachable saw, and a new saw tooth technology that cuts faster and cleaner.  The first product was a 5 foot saw that folded to 12″ long and weighed only 1.55 lbs.  Due to the extruded aluminum design, additional SKU’s for 10 foot and 15 foot versions were created without any new tooling required.  Later, additional accessory products were developed, including a folding pruner with an integrated hand saw.

Hooyman extendible Tree Saw