Gamber Johnson

Vehicle Laptop Mounts

Rugged, Durable, Reliable.

Gamber-Johnson is known around the world for the highest quality vehicle laptop mounts on the market.  Used mostly by emergency services, utility and construction companies, the mounting systems need to be safe and secure.  When Gamber-Johnson determined it was time to update the vehicle mounting system for the Panasonic Tough Book, they looked to CDN to bring some new ideas to the table.

CDN completely redesigned the existing dock, turning several heavy laser-cut aluminum plates into one cast-magnesium housing.  The result was significant reductions in weight, part count, assembly time, and overall cost.  Subsequent vibration and crash testing also yielded great improvements over the previous design.

Following the success of the Mag Dock, CDN continues to work with Gamber-Johnson on addition product improvements, including the extruded aluminum Universal Note Pad cradle, and a ruggedized tablet mount.

Gamber Johnsonvehiclemountingsystem.