The Miracle Morning

"The Miracle Morning"
By Hal Elrod

The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transfrom Your Life Before 8AM

This review is coming to you with plenty of time to pick up a copy, read it over the upcoming holiday breaks, and apply your new morning routine in your 2020 New Year resolutions. The Miracle Morning is a quick read with a simple message, but it’s well worth the time to let Hal Elrod impress the gravity of the message onto you.

In this book, Hal thoroughly unpacks the “why” of morning routines. Why we get the results we do when we lack daily structure? Why can we get impressive results in everything we do when we start each day with discipline? Why does this happen? All great questions and all answered in this book. The Miracle Morning does more to explain and motivate for having a disciplined morning routine, rather than the particulars of any “correct” or “best” one. The content of your morning is up to you and it needs to fit the goals you have for yourself. It needs to include the right things to do. Not the comfortable. Not the easy. Not just the ones you feel like doing that day. Starting each day with personal accountability sets the pace and cognitive expectation for the same throughout the day in everything that you do.

In the Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod talks about how applying himself like this consistently every morning brought him to health, achievement, and great success past a physically devastating car crash, depression, and financial dire straits. Get a copy and get ready for 2020!

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