Moonwalking with Einstein

"Moonwalking with Einstein"
By Joshua Foer

The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

Imagine you’re exhibiting at a trade show. You have the perfect display. The very best location. You’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to borrow the floor space for just a short few hours of time. It’s an intense “speed dating” opportunity with hundreds of prospects from all over the world. Then just one minute after the gates open and valuable contacts flood to your booth – your badge scanner fails! Now you’re rapidly going from one conversation to the next. You try to scribble down names, companies, details… but you can’t write and talk at the same time. And it’s off-putting! There’s no way you can keep up. Your frantic notes are illegible, disorganized. You can’t possibly remember the details. It’s a HUGE investment down the drain.

…but it doesn’t have to be.

What if you had a memory so sharp that you could rapidly go through a one-minute conversation with hundreds of people one after another and remember each and every person’s first and last name, the company they work for, their phone number, email address, how they were dressed, and some memorable details about the conversation?


Like most people, you might think this could only be attainable by some sort of memory savant. There ARE people in the world with amazing memorization skills. People who can recall all those details from hundreds of strangers in rapid-fire succession; people who can memorize a thousand digits of ‘pi’; people who can remember the random order of twenty deck of cards.

Those people all have incredibly normal memories though – just. like. you.

These amazing feats of memorization are more about technique than biology. In Moonwalking with Einstein, Joshua Foer talks about how he comes to realize this when covering a national memory competition event as a journalist – then goes on to win the competition himself the next year by using the techniques he learned. He shares the techniques in detail and dispels doubt and rumor in this entertaining book. A great “teaser” can give you an idea of this in his TED Talk

If you’re up for the challenge, pick up a copy of Moonwalking with Einstein for yourself. Whether it’s a trade show, networking event, financial review meeting, high-stakes presentation, or any number of intense events where clarity of recall is crucial to success – you can learn how to become seemingly “superhuman” and crush it every time.

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