It's Your Ship

"It's Your Ship"
Captain D. Michael Abrashof

Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy.

This book has sat in memory more as a source of emotional inspiration than a reference for practical application. Since the vast majority of us are not in the role of commanding a US Naval Destroyer (present company included), the things Captain Abrashoff talks about have zero literal application. Yes, it may seem like all out war in the marketplace and corporate structures can seem rather militaristic at times. They are not the same.

What is the same, though, is how leaders often find themselves navigating layers of rules and regulations and managing large groups of people whose respect they’ve not yet earned. In this realm, Captain Abrashoff gives some inspiration. In a way, it’s the classic underdog story of the USS Benfold standing out among the fleet and overcoming obstacles. The main dish served in these pages though is culture. Reading this, you’ll learn of creative ways Captain Abrashoff sought out the value and mutual respect in every last one of the individuals on the USS Benfold. His accounts are full of entertaining reflections and lessons in such pursuits. You’ll learn and appreciate how cultivating the atmosphere of mutual respect can bring immensely improved performance out of a team – even while still maintaining a hierarchy and remaining (technically) in compliance with regulations. Among leadership inspiration books, this one is a great summer read that’s sure to give rise to positive action.

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