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Heatsinks are simple little optimized devices that maximize convection for cooling machines and electronics. Technically, it’s a process of moving thermal energy from a defined boundary object to a boundary-less thermal reservoir.

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EDM Machining Process

EDM stands for Electrical Discharge Machining. It is a precision process of creating high voltage sparks to vaporize metal. It’s most commonly used for creating hardened alloy tooling needed for other manufacturing processes – alloys that are very difficult to machine with traditional cutting and milling methods.

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Thermocouples are simple reliable devices that generate electricity from a difference in heat. They work exceedingly well as sensors to measure temperature at precise points.

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Ever wonder how your “silent” phone ringer can be heard from across the room as it dances on the table top? Or why your iPhone’s screen button doesn’t press in when it’s powered off? didn’t notice that? …try it! Or how you can feel the racecar go off the track on your game controller? Haptics.

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Nitinol is a shape-memory metal with amazing properties. While it may not be a "free energy" solution, its superelasticity is quite useful.

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Cosmic Ray Interference

Cosmic rays are what we commonly call the bits of atoms that are blasted across the cosmos at darn near the speed of light. The vast majority of these are nuclei of hydrogen or helium atoms, so they’re positively charged, relatively massive, and highly energetic when traveling at that speed.

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Wax Motors

Wax motors are little devices that utilize the unique properties of wax to push and pull things when its temperature changes. If you’re like most people, you’ve benefitted from wax motors – likely even have a few of them at home – and don’t even know they’re around.

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Superhydrophobic Surfaces

Superhydrophobic surfaces take advantage of the liquid-liquid magnetic forces (cohesion), the liquid-solid magnetic forces (adhesion), and gravity to prevent water from clinging to the surface.

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