The Power in Vocabulary

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Ever wonder how your “silent” phone ringer can be heard from across the room as it dances on the table top? Or why your iPhone’s screen button doesn’t press in when it’s powered off? didn’t notice that? …try it! Or how you can feel the racecar go off the track on your game controller? Haptics.

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Creativity | Unfiltered: Moonwalking with Einstein

In Moonwalking with Einstein, Joshua Foer talks about his personal feats with memorization while covering a national memory competition event as a journalist – then goes on to win the competition himself the next year by using the techniques he learned. He shares the techniques in detail and dispels doubt and rumor in this entertaining book.

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Creativity | Unfiltered: Fooled by Randomness

In book one of a four part series, author Nassim Tabel breaks down the things of chance in our lives and how our minds deal with it. If you're someone who frets over decisions and needs to decode every outcome, this book offers a different perspective and argues the idea of picking a direction and acting quickly.

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The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

This book is written as a work of fiction about a new CEO coming on board a technology company and struggling with the interactions within her team of executives. These are relatable struggles most of us will have experienced in one context or another. In the book, Pat breaks down the five dysfunctions and lessons in overcoming them.

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Different Patent Types

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Let’s say you’ve invented this newest and greatest product. To ensure no one steals your design or technical features of the product, you’ll want to make sure you get a patent. By patenting your product, you are given the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling your invention for a limited period.

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Creativity | Unfiltered: The Miracle Morning

In this book, Hal thoroughly unpacks the “why” of morning routines. Why we get the results we do when we lack daily structure? Why can we get impressive results in everything we do when we start each day with discipline? Why does this happen? All great questions and all answered in this book.

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Value Analysis and Value Engineering

VA/VE is a process. VA stands for Value Analysis, and VE stands for Value Engineering. Together, they’re great tools for delivering exactly what your customers want at a great price excluding the unnecessary. The VA part is normally more applied to existing products or prototypes (quantify the value that exists), while VE is in the design phase for new or revised products (create the value that doesn’t yet exist).

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Creativity | Unfiltered: Never Split the Difference

In Never Split the Difference, Chris Voss takes you along for a ride through his adventures in becoming a hostage negotiator for the FBI. Chris describes his journey from the beginning of his interest in the profession, to intense high-stakes international crises with human lives on the line, to having his own methods used against him by his consulting business associates.

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Validate Your Business Idea With A Broken Website

There are plenty of people you’ll encounter throughout your life that will enthusiastically support your ideas. Actually ask them to cough up the cash though and you’ll start to hear the excuses roll in as they slink back into the shadows hoping not to be noticed. So how do you validate a business idea if it’s just an idea? How do you sell something that doesn’t exist?

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