Price is Right: How to Price your Product

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Where does a price come from? Well, there are many answers to that. Some are rooted in logical analysis. Some seem to be plucked from the mist in a shaman’s sweat lodge because they just feel good. Some work. Some don’t. Use these tools and tips to help guide your during your pricing process, or try our free calculator.

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CNC Milling Process

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In one form or another, the CNC milling process is involved in the vast majority of tangible products in modern industrial manufacturing. While it only directly makes a small fraction of parts, it’s the most common method to create tooling, so it’s difficult to avoid altogether.

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Creativity | Unfiltered: Peltier Element

Peltier elements look like flat, usually square, plates with two wires extending from it. Between these two surfaces is an array of semiconductors in series alternating between n-type and p-type (n-type has “n” for “negative” or lots of extra electrons; p-type has “p” for “positive” or shortage of electrons).

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Plastic Injection Molding Process

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The plastic injection molding process is arguably the most common process in product manufacturing in the current age by volume of parts. Properties of plastics now make them suitable for things you wouldn’t have even imagined possible just a few decades ago. Injection molding quickly and inexpensively shapes these plastics into useful parts.

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