BBH Kodak


Making Paper History.

BBH Kodak has been in the imaging business developing state of the art products for decades.  As more and more companies continue to move closer to paperless functionality, there is a growing need to quickly and accurately scan thousands of documents into digital files.  When the time came to commercialize a new high-speed scanning technology, BBH partnered with CDN’s engineering team to develop an all-new scanner.

Kodak Ngenuity Series Scanners

While BBH Kodak perfected the imaging technology and internal functionality, CDN developed the external housings, paper handling, and user interfaces.  The result is a great looking scanner with high-quality digital images and ground breaking functionality.  With a document feed tray that holds up to 700 documents, the Ngenuity Scanners can read 150 pages per minute with a daily duty cycle of 150,000 pages.  The feeder can manage documents up to 12.5″ wide and virtually any thickness from rice paper to heavy card stock.

BBH Kodak Imaging Scanner