Aluminum Extrusion Process

Creating extrusions is a process where soft(ish) materials are confined within a space, then that space is shrunk while leaving only a small opening for the material to escape

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Thermoforming is the process of taking a flat plastic sheet, heating it, then using pressure to form it around mold so that it's no longer flat, but a complex 3D shape.

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Rotomolding Process

Roational Molding (rotomolding) mainly deals with materials that are solid at room temperature, but turn liquid with a moderate degree of heat.

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Sheet Metal Process

Sheet metal undergoes many different stages, including the process stage, and the building stage which consists of cutting, forming, welding, and assembly.

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CDN Holiday Favorites

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Not sure what to make this holiday season? We got you covered. Check out some of our employees favorite holiday drink, food, and dessert recipes!

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