AT Villa

Modular Lab Furniture

Form, Function, and Science.

A.T. Villa has been a global leader in flexible lab systems for 90 years.  In the 1970s they created their first line of modular lab furniture that changed laboratory design forever.  For their newest, most innovative product lines, A.T. Villa has partnered with CDN’s engineers and designers to meet the demands of today’s high-tech lab environments.


The Ergolab mobile benching system sets the industry standard for both performance and quality.  Extruded aluminum frames feature an unsurpassed weight load capacity of 2,600lbs while still maintaining full mobility.  UL listed raceways provide adaptable systems for power and inert gases.  Nearly unlimited configurations can be created with full modularity of shelves, cabinets, and work surfaces.

AT Villa ergolab lab equipment


A.T. Villa’s Forte system is one of the industry’s most cost effective plug and play benching systems.  Forte features adjustable telescoping frames and a 1,500lb load capacity.  Systems are available in single and double-sided formats, and feature much of the same modularity as the Ergolab systems.

AT Villa modular lab equipment